Big Scratch



After several requests.... a big scratcher for very large hybrids and small wildcats. A modern utilitarian design with a simple wide base. The solid oak ends and the solid pine core make for a heavy, stable scratcher: just exactly what a rambunctious hybrid/wildcat requires. This uses 3/8 thick sisal instead of 1/4 inch in order to accommodate the longer claws of bigger cats. This design will also work for larger Bengals and Savannas. 

Note the pics above - the last one on the right is a size comparison with a Flat Scratch. Next pic over is with Makena - who is a very large Bengal, to give an idea of the size.

- Solid oak ends with a solid pine core
- Replaceable cork feet that won't scratch your floors
- Replaceable sisal rope wrap.
- Available in Dark and Light Oak hand oiled finishes

Regular size: 36 inches long, 12 inches wide, 4 inces high. Scratcher surface (the roped wrapped portion) is 32 inches long

All scratchers are custom made to order: scratchers ship 7 to 14 days after your order is placed.

Stop Your Cat from Scratching Walls and Furniture! 

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