Replacment Sisal



Replacement Sisal Rope. Be sure to specify which scratcher you have as the lengths differ.

We have noticed that cats prefer a slightly tattered scratcher, but eventually they can break the rope or the scratcher will look so shaggy that you can't stand looking at it (this will usually take several years.) This is a replacement rope for our scratchers. If you opt to buy it locally, get high quality, nontoxic, oil free, ΒΌ in sisal rope. Most scratchers will need at least 100 feet. Wrap as tightly as you can and be sure to keep each wrap of rope tight to the previous.  Refer to the directions that came with your scratcher for specifics on disassembly if you have questions. You can email us for another set if needed.

Sisal rope is in stock and will ship 2 to 3 days after your order is placed.

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